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In Greek, Thanasis means “immortal,” or “everlasting life;” and the name’s inspiration came directly from the pandemic. Over the last two years, thespians worldwide have relentlessly wondered: “Will live theatre survive this? Will we ever be able to do what we love in front of an audience again?” We are here to say: we absolutely will be.


Theatre has survived every human catastrophe since its humble, ancient beginnings – and Covid-19 is but a notch on the bedpost of the foes it’s yet defeated. What we will not be able to do, however, is return to the racist and otherwise bigoted ways the institution of the theatre, for some perverted reason, has long since come to rely on, whether in New York City, across America, or right here in Syracuse – especially at the local level.

As such, it is our intention to be like a mirror, reflecting back to our community what can be, as opposed to what already is.


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