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Joshua Michael King

Founder & President, The Academy of Excellence, Inc.


· CEO, Masking & Kompany
· Executive Producer, Straight Independent Radio
· Chairman of the Board, Syr. Scholarship Organization

As a scholar, philanthropist, educator, consultant, advocate, and activist Joshua Michael King also has an affinity for serving and demonstrating the power of even just one man's voice.  Moreover, he is responsible for having helped reveal and cultivate EXCELLENCE in countless members of the local community and beyond.

Joshua Michael King is a two-time Cazenovia College graduate, earning an AAS in Fashion Design in 2001 and a BS in Human Services in 2010; coupled with an induction into Tau Alpha Upsilon Honor Society that same year.  He is now a graduate from Regent University, having earned a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and Non-profit Management.  His aspirations include furthering his expertise to include a degree in Law and Public Administration.  King is the CEO of Masking & Kompany, which offers consulting in the areas of management, development and planning, education, as well as advocacy.  His experience is in policy, programming and project & production development that targets marginalized and disenfranchised populations.

He has been central in the development of a number of organizations, programs, and community initiatives including his appointment to Syracuse Mayor Ben Walsh's Education Transition Team.  His experience in community engagement, sexual health education, as well as counseling have proven useful as a teacher for Syracuse City School District; having taken on multiple longterm teaching assignments and substituted in nearly every school building in the district.  He has been commended for having designed specialized homeschooling curriculum for his two Young Kings, Javonte and Jayden; which has been implemented in homes around the country.  King made history during the COVID19 Pandemic, having become Syracuse's only Black Gay CEO and the only organization in NY State to become fully incorporated as a 501c3.  Today, he is leading The Academy of Excellence, Inc. and works to identify and address educational and social barriers among youth and families.  As such, he is now an Executive Producer for Straight Independent Radio, hosting and commentating to over 15K subscribers with his show #TheUprising with #UnapologeticallyJosh on www.str8indieradio.US

King is a former Executive Director of the Miss Syracuse and Miss Central New York Scholarship Organization, a local franchise of Miss New York and Miss America.  The organization has since become independent and has given away thousands of dollars in scholarships to both young men and women and incorporated as Syracuse Scholarship Organization.  Currently, he is the new Director of Operations at Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Tompkins County.

His personal and professional adversities have led to the makings of a profound legacy that is entrenched with resiliency and courage.   He has overcome severe trauma, including having struggled with mental health and substance abuse, as well as identifying as an individual with a disability.  He has lived with HIV for two decades and persevered through to build a lasting legacy.  King is among our ancestors wildest dreams and has been on a mission to (1)ENGAGE the community in the identification of various social issues (2)EDUCATE or proioritize the understanding of oneself, community and (3)EMPOWER individuals to harness collective and collaborative solutions. 

Joshua Michael King is the epitome and embodiment of #BlackExcellence. 

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