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Founded by Joshua Michael King in 2019, The Academy of Excellence, Inc. is "is a small tribe of students and families located in Syracuse, NY that features an organic model of expeditionary and exploratory learning...through the collaboration of entrepreneurs, executives, and educators." Moreover, a substantial part of their mission is "to leverage our collective power and privilege to be intentional in supporting our community...and advocate for marginalized and disenfranchised populations."

Their slogan: Engage. Educate. Empower. 

And that is precisely what we intend to do with this collaboration.


During the course of our nine-week endeavor, we aim to not only foster a space in which children and adolescents may thrive and prosper, but an environment in which genuine relationships are fostered across all ages and levels of artistic experience. 

Likewise, the environment we seek to cultivate is one of education, where all participants come ready to learn and dare to try new things with the support of their community and peers behind them. Furthermore, will be discussing the real history, literature and events that first inspired any show we work on; touching on the legacy of prior productions that have come before ours (i.e. Broadway & London); as well as implementing such themes as literacy and social awareness into our projects' conceptions.

Our work is designed to be educational in nature, focusing on students who need supplemental help, especially those whose needs have not yet been met by their current curriculum.  

In terms of nourishment, we will be providing all Youth Performers & Participants dinner at each and every one of our rehearsals, including during tech week. Mealtime will be at or around 6pm each night, and any and all food allergies must be listed on the participant's application form prior to the start of rehearsals.



Joshua Michael King

Samantha JC Pierce

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Directors - J.R. Westfall & Mookey Van Orden
Musical Supervisor - Ben Borenstein

More coming soon!!

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